On one side of the 3D printing industry, you have large enterprise 3D printer manufacturers who certainly understand the uptime and service needs of a commercial, governmental, military or education customers, but can’t restrain themselves from charging obscene amounts of money for both hardware and service contracts.

The other side of the industry is filled with consumer products companies that see the lucrative opportunity that these customers present and attempt to repurpose their products into these markets at a reasonable cost, but do not provide either the right product or support capabilities needed.

Customers select Fusion3 3D printers to provide affordable, high-performance 3D printers that can meet their demanding, mission-critical applications and deliver high quality service and support.

To ensure maximum uptime, we design our 3D printers to be durable and reliable, using high quality components. We design, assemble, and calibrate each of our machines prior to shipment at our North Carolina, USA factory. In the unlikely event of an issue, Fusion3 provides the best warranty in the 3D printing. In addition to the best warranty in 3D printing, Fusion3 also provides free technical support for the life of your Fusion3 3D printer.

Fusion3 Large Durable 3D Printer
Fusion3 3D Printer Warranty Best

Free Live, Online Training Classes

Fusion3 Live 3D Printer Training

Fusion3 primarily sells our products across the US, North America and World-wide using a factory-direct model. This ensures competitive pricing and innovation for our customers.

We learned that our customers are generally bright and inquisitive, and always excited to unbox and dive in to using their new Fusion3 3D printers right away, some times at the expense of reading our robust manuals and documentation.

To ensure great customer satisfaction and to head off any initial issues that might arise in such instances, we introduced live, online training classes for all customers. Offered at least once a week, customers are encouraged to come back as often as they’d like for a refresher or have new team members attend to get familiar with both our 3D printers and REACTOR 3D printing software.

The classes are not designed for beginners, although they are friendly for those new to 3D printing. We cover the steps to operate the 3D printers and software, tips & tricks for best results, and the care and proper maintenance, all while answering your questions along the way.

Best 3D Printer Warranty: 2 Years

Fusion3 works diligently to build capable, reliable, and durable 3D printers and build technology into our software and hardware to make the 3D printing process accessible to non-technical customers.

That said, the core ‘Fuse Deposition Modeling’ technology used in Fusion3’s 3D printers is not new, having been created in 1998. FDM requires heating plastic at high temperature under high pressure. The plastic is extruded through a small nozzle, layer by layer, while controlled by a motion system that travels many miles per print.

Customers must understand that a 3D printer is more a machine tool than an appliance. With any 3D printer, regardless of manufacturer, maintenance is required to keep your Fusion3 3D printer is prime working order. Similar to a CNC machine, the machines do undergo some wear and tear and components may require replacement.

However, we are so confident in the build quality and reliability of our 3D printers,  Fusion3 provides the longest standard warranty offered by any 3D printer manufacturer (as of 2/1/2022). Our standard warranty covers materials and workmanship, for 2 years from date of purchase.


(as of 2/1/2022)

Fusion3 2 Years USA
Stratasys 1 Year USA
Ultimaker 1 Year Netherlands
Zortrax 1 Year Poland
Raise3D 90 Days
/ 1 Year
Markforged  90 Days
/ 1 Year
Makerbot 1 Year China

Free Lifetime Phone & Email Technical Support

Fusion3 Best 3D Printer Technical Support
Fusion3 3D Printer Technical Support Expert

Should you require assistance, Fusion3 has calibrated our live support services to the needs of our commercial customers.

Fusion3’s US-based, technical support team is comprised of experts who have experience manufacturing and operating our 3D printers.

Our support desk is staffed between 8 am and 8 pm US Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, to troubleshoot and assist in the repair of any technical issues that might arise.

We offer support via phone and email.

Customers find that email is often more effective for technical issues as we will require pictures of your 3D printed part, your CAD files, and Gcode, and pictures of the 3D printer in the event of suspected damage to the 3D printer.

For customers who have a preference to speak on the phone and have busy schedules, Fusion3’s Support team established a dedicated phone appointment service to ensure that we can efficiently connect at a time that is convenient for you.


How can I make my 3D printer quieter?

Some 3D printers have an open-air design that can create excessive noise. The F410 3D printer has an enclosed design to ensure it is one of the quietest 3D printers on the market. If you are searching for a quiet 3D printer, make sure that it comes with an enclosed bed.

How do you filter 3D printer fumes?

If you would like to attach a 3D printer filter to your machine, you should use a Carbon filter and a HEPA filter. The Carbon filter helps reduce any unpleasant odors and the HEPA filter captures some of the potentially hazardous fumes.

Is it safe to 3D print indoors?

Yes, it is safe to use the F410 3D printer indoors as long as there is proper ventilation. If you are worried about reducing fumes, the F410 comes with optional Carbon and HEPA filter attachments. These two filters help reduce any potentially hazardous odors and reduce any unpleasant fume odors.

Do you need ventilation for a 3D printer?

Yes, it is recommended to use your 3D printer in an area with adequate ventilation. If your 3D printing space does not have adequate ventilation, the F410 features an optional HEPA/Carbon Filter System that reduces smells and potentially hazardous emissions. The filter itself costs $49 and a pack of 6 Carbon / 6 HEPA filters is $30.

Can I connect a ventilation exhaust to the F410 instead of a carbon or HEPA filter?

Yes, you can. Fusion3 also provides a diagram of the bolt hole pattern in the Manuals & Downloads page that you can use to design your own connector.

To learn more about the great service & support offered with the Fusion3 EDGE 3D printer

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